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Male Fertility (Under either Fertility or Research)

Poor sperm quality accounts for a large part of infertility (up to 50%) and many of the factors that lead to male infertility have nutritional implications. Since the majority of fertility treatments are focused on treating women, men often feel that the process is out of their control. However, there are many specific diet and lifestyle factors that have been found to be associated with male infertility and can be modified through nutrition counseling, such as: Poor antioxidant status Systemic Inflammation Compromised digestive health Poor blood sugar regulation High stress levels and/or adrenal exhaustion Poor hormonal balance - higher estrogen and lower testosterone levels Our Nutrition Therapy for Male Infertility program focuses on detailed diet, micronutrient and lifestyle changes to impact sperm quality.

While helping you reach an optimal healthy weight and improving overall health parameters are part of the process, we incorporate and eliminate specific foods known to have effects on sperm quality and hormone balance. In addition to dietary changes, we do recommend some vitamins and mineral supplements, when appropriate, to help improve sperm quality. There have been hundreds of research papers dedicated to studying how sperm quality can be improved with the use of nutritional supplements and all of our protocols are evidenced-based. Since some of the men that we consult are utilizing fertility medications we are careful not to supplement anything that might interfere with the action of any medications. Our two main programs for improving male fertility are: ART Male Fertility Cleanse: Designed for the man who has poor sperm quality, has previously taken medication for fertility or is part of a couple that has been diagnosed with unexplained infertility. By eliminating common food intolerances, decreasing inflammation, balancing blood sugar and promoting detoxification the body begins to heal and move toward a more balanced and whole state.

The ultra-healing cleanse is perfect for a man to complete at any time. Therapeutic Male Nutrition Program suits the man that wants to transition his diet to a more natural, unprocessed one and learn foods that are beneficial and harmful for male fertility as well as specific nutrients that enhance male fertility. This program focuses on therapeutic interventions to help with male fertility and specific diagnoses such as poor sperm motility, morphology and overall quality. At Pure Acupuncture & Natural Medicine, we believe that providing optimal nutrition support and making healthy lifestyle changes can have an impact on sperm quality and help increase chances of conception. Click here to book an appointment or call (407) 682-3632 to discuss the best options for you or to book an appointment by phone. 

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