Acupuncture & Menopause

Acupuncture is a powerful form of healing for any phase of life, including the stages of menopause. Traditional Chinese Medicine is greatly based on the yin-yang principle that states everything to be in the process of change and transformation. Yin refers to material form, such as water, while yang is the immaterial form of vapor when the water is heated.

As we age, the yin of our bodies' is consumed. This is especially true for women as we bleed every month (losing fluid) and do most of the caretaking of our families and friends. Women tend to have very high expectations for themselves as caretakers and typically devote little time and energy to take care of themselves. Symptoms of yin depletion, which often occurs during menopause, include:

  • Emotional imbalances
  • Hot flashes
  • Nightsweats
  • Dryness
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Body pains
  • Fatigue

Acupuncture for menopause helps nourish yin by creating balance in the fluids of the body and cultivating deep relaxation to reduce stress. There are many emotional pieces of menopause as it is a time where responsibilities and life focus is shifting as well. Acupuncture supports you feeling balanced and peaceful even as the stress of life continues around you.

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