Treatment Options

Our office offers several different types of acupuncture treatments you may choose from:

- Traditional Needle Acupuncture (We use sterilized, one use needles.)

- Ear Acupuncture (Auriculotherapy) which utilizes tiny sterized needles inserted into numerous points in the ear that correlate to various body parts and organs. We also provide the NADA protocol for Alcohol and Drug Abuse issues as well as Stop Smoking.

- Laser Acupuncture which is performed using a painless, cold laser.

- Moxibustion which is the use of burning chinese herbs guided over specific Acupuncture points.

- Acupressure utilizes hand and finger stimulation of specific Acupuncture points.

- Collagen Replacement Therapy with Rejuvapen. Stimulates the body's natural ability to produce collagen comfortably, safely and effectively to reduce wrinkles, lines, acne scars, tightens neck tissues.

- We also use specific homeopathic Biopuncture trigger point injections that help enhance pain reduction, stimulate organ function. Dr. Sheila L. Scott is permitted to administer homeopathic and vitamin injections. Homeopathic remedies have no reported side effects and have been reported to not interfere or affect medications. Some hompeopathic remedies are also sprayed over inserted acupuncture needles to also have a healing affect on the body. All acupuncture and injections are administered utilizing sterilized one use needles and disposed of according to clean needle techniques. 

For an appointment or questions please call Dr. Sheila L. Scott, Acupuncture Physician 407-682-4454. 

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